Mission Update:
OSAM-1 Successfully Passes Key Decision Point-C

On May 27, the On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly & Manufacturing mission 1 (OSAM-1), formerly known as Restore-L, successfully passed Key Decision Point-C (KDP-C), an important NASA milestone.

Lights-out grapple testing of OSAM-1’s Robotic Servicing Arm

Lights-out grapple testing of OSAM-1’s Robotic Servicing Arm (left) in the Robotic Operations Center at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The partial model of a client satellite (right) sits on top of a hexapod robot, which helps to simulate zero-gravity movement. Credits: NASA

Passing KDP-C means that the mission received agency-level approval for the OSAM-1 team to begin implementation. The decision point also establishes the mission’s official schedule and budget.

“The successful review is cause for celebration. It demonstrates the Agency’s official commitment to a mission that will change the way we think about spacecraft lifetimes and building things in space,” said Brent Robertson, OSAM-1 Project Manager.

OSAM-1 is NASA’s Exploration & In-space Services Projects Division (NExIS)’ flagship mission, and is being executed in collaboration with Maxar Technologies. The OSAM-1 space vehicle and its attached SPace Infrastructure DExterous Robot (SPIDER) payload will refuel a satellite in space, assemble a communications antenna, and manufacture a beam. The expanded scope of the mission beyond servicing was the impetus for its name change from Restore-L to OSAM-1. By demonstrating these capabilities, the mission is developing never-before tested technologies for use in future NASA missions.

May 29, 2020

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