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NExIS is ushering in an era of more sustainable, affordable and resilient spaceflight near Earth, the Moon and deep into the solar system through in-space servicing and assembly.

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The OSAM-1 Mission

Meet OSAM-1 (short for On-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing 1), a robotic spacecraft equipped with the tools and technologies needed to extend satellites' lifespans, and assemble and manufacture components in space.

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The Robotic Servicing Arm

This robotic arm is ideally suited for missions requiring autonomous capture and dexterous operations — from grabbing a satellite for on-orbit servicing, to extracting a boulder from an spinning asteroid, to assembling and servicing a large telescope in orbit, or setting up worksites on Mars for astronauts.

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Robotic Refueling Mission 3

NASA to Launch New Refueling Mission, Helping Spacecraft Live Longer and Journey Farther

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Pass the Torque Series

"Pass the Torque" Series

In this series, you can learn all about NASA technology from the comfort of your home! Every week, we interview a new subject matter expert on a specific topic ranging from robotics, to astronaut tools, to Artemis, and more.

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OSAM Resources

OSAM resrouces

Robots are poised to make what was once thought to be impossible in space a reality. From extending the lifespan of satellites, to assembling massive life-seeking telescopes in space, to refueling and repairing spacecraft on journeys to distant locations, the possibilities are endless.

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