2010 International Workshop on On-Orbit Satellite Servicing

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From March 24-26, 2010, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) hosted an open international workshop to bring potential users and providers of on-orbit servicing capabilities together with the NASA GSFC Satellite Servicing Study Team.

This three-day event drew together fifty-seven individual speakers and over 250 participants from industry, academia, NASA, other agencies, and international organizations.

Workshop Topics

  • Scientific and non-scientific missions that would benefit from servicing
  • Humans in satellite servicing
  • In-space robotic technology
  • Servicing enabling technologies, including Autonomous Rendezvous and Capture
  • Legal and policy issues

During the workshop, the Satellite Servicing Study Team presented the notional mission definition process and the first draft of the Study's notional mission suite for satellite servicing. Participants and RFI responders showcased ideas, technologies and capabilities relevant to satellite servicing and also forecasted existing and planned spacecraft/observatories that would benefit from on-orbit serviceability.

Workshop Presentations

Wednesday March 24

By: Edward Horowitz
By: Frank Cepollina
By: Dr. Matt Mountain
By: Dr. Charley Noecker
By: Dr. William Oegerle
By: Baard Eilertsen
By: Dr. Matt Greenhouse
By: Tom Kessler
By: Bretton Alexander

Thursday March 25

By: Dr. John Grunsfeld
By: Scott Christiansen
By: Lt. Col. Fred Kennedy
By: Dr. Glen Henshaw

Friday March 26

By: Dr. Javier De Luis & Dr. Swati Mohan

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