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Missions and Servicing Technologies

OSAM-1 artists concept


Meet OSAM-1, a robotic spacecraft equipped with the tools, technologies and techniques needed to extend satellites' lifespans - even if they were not designed to be serviced on orbit.

NASA Argon satellite servicing demo

Relative Navigation System

Perched on an outside platform of the International Space Station, Raven is a technology demonstration of the real-time, relative navigation part of this system.

Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm

A seven-degree-of-freedom robot arm that can be used on missions as diverse as on-orbit satellite servicing, asteroid capture, and the assembly and servicing of large telescopes in space.

Propellant Transfer Technologies

Propellant Transfer Technologies

The NExIS group at Goddard is working with Kennedy Space Center as an integrated team to develop, test and build a flexible hose, new fueling tools, and propellant transfer system that meet mission requirements.

Sunday Experiment

Cooperative Servicing Aids

Building from our body of experience in human and robotic servicing, our NASA team has accordingly compiled the following set of cooperative servicing aids for consideration by the community.


Robotic Refueling Mission

A multi-phased International Space Station technology demonstration that is testing tools, technologies and techniques to refuel and repair satellites in orbit - especially satellites not designed to be serviced.



Raven will perch on an outside platform of the International Space Station to demonstrate elements of the real-time, relative navigation technology that would be needed for such a system.

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Robotic External Leak Locator

A robotic, remote-controlled tool that could help mission operators detect the location of an external leak and rapidly confirm a successful repair.

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